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Buy RUON electronic social media currency (SMC) with up to 80% discount for a limited period before it goes to public sale.


To sum up:

Total supply will be: 3.5 Billion
Initial RUON Public Sale Token Price: $0.45c
Your Discount Today: 45%-80%
All you pay is: $0.25c per RUON
RUON is now listed on Ethereum mainnet (and will be exchanged to the Sovereign mainnet in 2019) RUON tokens are ready to be sent to smart wallets as a ERC-20 token.
Please click here To download your digital wallet to accept RUON.
Here are the discounts for quantity purchases:
$9,999 & under - 45% discount
$10,000+ - an extra 10% discount (55% total discount)
$25,000+ - an extra 15% discount (60% total discount)
$50,000+ - an extra 25% discount (70% total discount)
$100,000+ - an extra 35% discount (80% total discount)
Over $1Million (please contact)

And now you can earn even more, with RUON's new 'Affiliate Program'. Once you are an existing purchaser, you can benefit by earning 10% on all referrals, prior to the public launch. If someone you introduce purchases, say, $10,000’s of RUONs, you will receive $1,000’s worth of RUONs for free. It’s a simple as that.

Don’t we all wish we’d got in on the ground floor with these things? Well, now that's totally possible.

Join us in this exciting venture.

Anyone who loves big ideas, global thinking and scalability should consider taking a stake in the RUON token sale.

RUON is a brand new global electronic currency, that has just gone live on Mainnet, and is currently available for between 45%-80% on a pre launch basis.

RUON - as in R (are), U (you) ON (on) - is a blockchain - based mobile application that could very well become the next generation social media, business, banking and humanitarian sensation. The concept is simply amazing. It’s quite possible that RUON could achieve its goal of being one of the most popular companies and best humanitarian concepts of the next decade.

Indeed, the concept is so big it has taken some of the smartest and visionary minds in blockchain technology, aerospace and even science-fiction, all working together, to help achieve its grand vision. The company has already been quoted as “one of the best uses of blockchain technology so far”.

"One of the best uses of blockchain technology so far."

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The pioneering team includes Stan Larimer, the 'Founding Father of BitShares', Creator of the first ever ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and President of Bitshares.

Developing a new electronic currency isn’t rocket science, but it helps if you are familiar, and Stan is an ex NASA rocket scientist, who helped design and build cruise missiles and drones for the US military. Stan is also the father of Daniel Larimer, the Creator of EOS, who has recently finished the world’s largest and most successful ICO, raising $4B over the last two years.

RUON is now following in its footsteps, already being developed and built by Stan’s Bitshares developers.

Stan is also recently launched (quite literally) a series of satellites, which will operate what is called the 'Sovereign blockchain', also inspired by RUON's originator. RUON will be built on this Sovereign blockchain and be the very first 'blockchain in space', with no terrestrial jurisdiction. These satellites will beam RUON currency globally, reaching even the most remote regions of the planet. It will thus be the most accessible electronic currency in the world.

Stan Larimer

Stan Larimer, Co-Founder and CTO

Stan announced the launch of RUON at the World Crypto Con in Las Vegas in November 2018.

RUON is also different in many other ways. It has a series of additional and remarkable USP’s, which elevate it above the crowd; together with the owners of coins/tokens - making significant financial gain for themselves. There’s also a comprehensive and all-encompassing social media aspect and an important humanitarian element. This is totally unique.

Humanitarian-wise, RUON is allied with its charitable arm, SovereignAid, a venture that promises to educate and empower in equal measure. It is well accepted that for electronic currency and blockchain technology to be widely adopted, it needs to be used by every strata of society – rich and poor, tech savvy and tech phobic, male and female, the banked and the unbanked. SovereignAid will simultaneously serve the world’s wealthiest and poorest individuals, providing utility for the former and a lifeline to the latter. Charitable, functional and spendable, SovereignAid is setting its sights on becoming an alternative world payment system for the $155 trillion in cross border transactions made each year (and help tens of millions out of poverty), including two billion people worldwide who do not currently have a bank account. RUON will be its partner.

RUON Phone App


RUON is the only social media app that allows you to earn real money and app coins for posting videos, pictures, comments and MyVideo stories. Expertly designed to reward you for the number of shares, likes and posts that you contribute to the network.


RUON has made it incredibly easy to set up and run your channel or live stream from anywhere and anytime, whilst you are getting paid.

RUON Phone App
RUON Phone App


RUON has been expertly designed to instantly make you money as soon as you sign up, both cryptocurrency, by way of RUON, or FIAT currency in Dollars ($) Euros (E) or Sterling (£).


BITSHARES & EOS integrated digital wallet for swapping all your RUON & cryptocurrency and a smart card that allows you to spend what you earn.

RUON Phone App
RUON Phone App


RUON is about connecting people on global scale. Cryptocurrency is sent from donors around the world to people-in-need discovered on the RUON App

Then there’s the social media aspect. Instead of the old fashioned way of ‘mining’ tokens, users earn tokens by ‘liking’ other users’ webposts. RUON is set to become the Instagram (market cap $50B) and WeChat (MarketCap $30B) of the blockchain. Simply put, it is how millennial's and the mass market will adopt blockchain technology (known as 'the 4th industrial revolution') and electronic currency, in an expertly designed app that employs the kind of technology you are already highly familiar with. Users will be instantly paid and rewarded by other users. and will be able to send and attach RUON to their favourite family & friends posts. You can’t do that on Facebook!

So, it’s hugely interactive (which people like), you can make money for yourself (which people like), it automatically benefit good causes (which people also like). It appeals to the whole cross-section of society. There will be chat rooms, tailored news feeds and shopping opportunities, listing all the stores that accept RUON.


There will be chat rooms, tailored news feeds and shopping opportunities, listing all the stores that accept RUON.

User Interest Groups (UIG'S).

There will be user interest groups (UIG's) on all manner of subjects. A revolutionary way to connect with people and advertise your business.

Artificial Intelligence is here.

There will be an important ground-breaking element of artificial intelligence (AI), reminding you of birthdays and events and even making dating suggestions.

RUON Phone App

Provide and protect our children. save and preserve our wildlife. Eradicate extreme global poverty by 2032. Mission Statement, RUON

You have the first ever opportunity to climb on board and to own these tokens at a massive 45% to 80% discount before they go on public sale.

Initially, the price will be controlled. Today, you can buy one token at a 45% to 80% discount for $0.25c. When they go on sale to the public, the starting price will be $0.45c. As part of the rolling ICO, in under a year (est. 310 days from launch) they will be worth $2.00, then (est. 390 days) $2.50 and, in the final phase of the sale, (est. 470 days) $3.00.

In the world of electronic currencies, you will be aware that tokens have the ability to dramatically increase in value. If you were a Bitcoin early adopter, you would have paid $0.008c per Bitcoin, or maybe you climbed on board five days later when they rose 900%. Each token has been as high as $19,783 and there is talk of a Bitcoin reaching a value of $500,000 (or so suggests Mark Yusko, Hedge Fund Manager at Morgan Creek Capital Management).

If you had purchased the currency NXT when it launched, you’d be very happy indeed. During the ICO back in September 2013, one NXT coin was sold for $0.0000168c. Over the next five years, NXT generated a return for its early adopters of over 598,000%.

RIPPLE has gone from $0.006c to $0.46c. Investing $1,000 at launch would now be worth over $80,000. Or, say, you were a touch more bold and purchased a speculative $10,000. That would now be worth $800,000.

IOTA rose 226,000%. Initially, tokens were sold for $0.001c and all one billion were snapped-up during the ICO. One-and-a-half years later, the price had risen to $0.63c and then went on to reach $0.98c.

The Ethereum project had its initial coin offering in the summer of 2014, where it sold 11.9 million tokens to raise $16 million. The issue price was $0.311c. The price now is around 600 times more.

Perhaps you missed those particular boats, but you absolutely can be an early adopter of RUON.

"Together we can Provide and Protect Our Children. Save and Preserve Our Wildlife.
Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032."

Timothy E. Burke
SovereignAid’s founder

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