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Designed to make you money and help you gain more followers

RUON AI is a highly sophisticated, next generation Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, banking and entertainment mobile application built on Sovereignsky, space-based blockchain technology, created to help eradicate global extreme poverty.

The App is expertly designed to make YOU money from every picture or my STORY video post. It has been created to instantly gain YOU tens of thousands more followers from like-minded people. The RUON AI categorizes and keeps you in much better communication with your new and old contacts. The app encourages users to ‘give back’ to each other and ‘people in need’ around the world sharing RUON’s in-app ‘Social Media Electronic Currency’ which is also being beamed to help the 3rd world from space. You can buy RUON tokens today at a large discount, before it increases in value. Read More

RUON is also a new 'Social Media Electronic Currency’.

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It's pay day!

RUON "has highly sophisticated AI technology" that makes you money every time you use it.

  • Posting Content
  • Sharing Content
  • Liking Content
  • Joining UIG's
  • Sharing Data
  • Creating Popular Content
  • Following Brands
  • Following Celebrities
  • Sharing RUON with Friends


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"RUON will revolutionize the world as we know it…and help protect it!"

Stan Larimer

Co-Founder & CTO

Connecting Millennials and the Mass Market to Electronic Currency and the Blockchain World.

Never forget that special person again!

We use social media for everything, to share our lives, loves, thoughts and inspirations. To communicate, to follow, to keep friends and our family updated with our every day lives, to work together to play together. And that's how RUON has become RUON, the new all-in-one social, chat and electronic currency business app that keeps you better connected to the world and your family and friends.

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"The world’s first AI text and direct messaging app To keep you much better connected with all your new contacts old contacts"

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Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give.
"Likes are so last year. Now your friends & followers can attach RUON coins to your every post or mySTORY"

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"RUON’s Unique Interest Groups (UIG's) gives you tens of thousands of like-minded followers with similar interests."

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"RUON app and SovereignSky have partnered to help eradicate global poverty by 2032 promoting our users to give back."

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"RUON is designed to make you money. Providing 27 revenues streams for our users to earn RUON - the social media currency"

RUON. It's a game changer and will connect you to the world in a way you never thought possible.

RUON AI Artificial Intelligence is here.

There will be an important ground-breaking element of artificial intelligence (AI), reminding you of birthdays and events and even making dating suggestions.

RUON Phone App
RUON Phone App


RUON is the only social media app that allows you to earn real money and app coins for posting videos, pictures, comments and MyVideo stories. Expertly designed to reward you for the number of shares, likes and posts that you contribute to the network.


RUON has made it incredibly easy to set up and run your channel or live stream from anywhere and anytime, whilst you are getting paid.

RUON Phone App


RUON has been expertly designed to instantly make you money as soon as you sign up, both cryptocurrency, by way of RUON, or FIAT currency in Dollars ($) Euros (E) or Sterling (£).


BITSHARES & EOS integrated digital wallet for swapping all your RUON & cryptocurrency and a smart card that allows you to spend what you earn.

RUON Phone App
RUON Phone App


RUON is about connecting people on global scale. Cryptocurrency is sent from donors around the world to people-in-need discovered on the RUON App

Post. Stream. Earn. Spend. Give.

Stay better connected to new and old Friends. Instantly get more like-minded followers. Earn currency everytime you Post. Give Back.

  • See what your Friends, Family & followers are doing via their photo and video posts.

  • Share what's cool in your life and earn RUON - the new Social Media Currency (SMC).

  • Likes are so last year! Your friends and followers now attach their RUON coins to your posts.

  • RUON currency can then be spent on the app's integrated debit smart card.

  • RUON promotes 'giving back'. 5% of what you earn must be given to people in need, family or Friends.

Welcome to the rebellion.

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The Team

This pioneering team includes Stan Larimer, The ‘Godfather of Bitshares’, and father of Daniel Larimer, Creator of EOS - the world’s most scalable blockchain which raised over $4B in 2018. Today, like with the traditional stock market shares token prices climb and fall. The token market was at its peak in Feb 2018, it has since fallen, however, many analysis suggest a rise to new heights in 2019 and over the next 5 years as the coins (or currencies) are used within their applications. RUON token price in particular will increase as the user base for the app increases and people start earning, sharing and using the RUON social media currency. For example, the EOS token has risen in profit from a price of $0.15c to a price of $2.33 per token today with an all time high of $14 - a price profit increase of 1200%. RIPPLE has gone from $0.006 to an all-time high of $3.02 ($0.30c today). Investing $100 would be worth a whopping $46,904.32 at its peak token price. IOTA tokens were sold for less than $0.001c and all one billion were sold. The token started trading publicly on exchanges one-and-a-half years later, at a price of $0.63c. In June 2018, the value stands at $1.43, ($0.25c today) which marked a 330,000% return. The Ethereum project had its initial coin offering in the summer of 2014, where it sold 11.9 million tokens to raise $16 million. The issue price was $0.311c. Their highest token price was $1,300, so over 450,000% increase (Today's price its $108). Even though the market has declined last year - over the next five years many industry and financial experts predict the industry is set to dramatically rise again.

RUON Co-Founder Stan Larimer and "Godfather of Bitshares" presents RUON and Sovereignsky.

Developing a new electronic currency isn't rocket science, but it helps if you are an expert, and Stan is an ex-NASA rocket scientist, who helped design satellites for NASA and the US military. As mentioned, Stan is also the father of Daniel Larimer, the Creator of Bitshares, Steemit and EOS, who recently finished the world's largest and most successful ICO. Between BITSHARES, Steemit and EOS, these companies process over 80% of all blockchain transactions.

Stan and RUON’s Founder Timothy E. Burke are concurrently working on a hybrid Space based blockchain of Bitshares and EOS, but hosted on satellites called the “Sovereign space-based blockchain” which RUON is built and works on.

The blockchain is being built on a satellite constellation to help provide Wi-Fi to the third world and help the 2.5 Billion people living on less than $2.50 a day. Watch SovereignSky video click here

RUON is a fundamental element in the companies combined mission statement to “Eradicate Global Poverty by 2032”. The first SovereignSky satellite was successfully aboard Space X in December 2018. Read more here.

RUON will be built on this Sovereign blockchain and be the very first 'blockchain in space', with no terrestrial jurisdiction. These satellites will beam RUON and SovereignAid currency globally, reaching even the most remote regions of the planet and help people in need, villages and hospitals out of extreme poverty. RUON is set to become the Instagram (MarketCap $50B) and WeChat (MarketCap $30B) of the blockchain, set to revolutionize social media as we know it. Simply put, it is how millennials and the mass market will adopt blockchain technology and has been expertly designed to make you money instantly! RUON is the new "social media currency" (SMC) and set to be the most accessible electronic currency in the world.

Token Distribution


Private Pre-sale

Current token price


Last stage token price




Period Length

89 Days

Total RUON




Next Stage Length

7 Days

RUON in next Stage


Stage Price Increase




Current Token Price: $0.25c

  • $1.65 M | 7.7 M RUONS
200 Million RUON
  • $1.65 M | 7.7 M RUONS
200 Million RUON










45% - 80%















$10,000 + 2.5% extra

A novel social media network and ecosystem for the cryptocurrency generation.

Today's digital citizens have seen more than one revolution in cyberspace. After the advent of the internet, first for academic and recreational purposes, then for business - came the rise of domineering social media giants, such as Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and then entertainment and shopping service platforms like Amazon and Netflix. But still, we have not seen the end of cybernated history - the digital evolution and revolution continues at pace as AI and blockchain technology begin to take over as new the Internet4.0.

Currently, blockchain technology is at a similar stage as the internet was in the 1990's. There is huge potential that has not yet been realized, and companies, as well as creators, investors and entrepreneurs are only just beginning to recognize this. Just like the internet, blockchain promises not only a couple of useful applications but a whole new ecosystem. Internet4.0 - is the future ecosystem of a new, free-world of the ‘electronic currency generation’. Get in now or be left behind., its that simple. In our vision, the new ‘social media currency’ will be powered within RUON, used within its social media mobile application and within global marketplaces.

RUON AI is the social media currency (SMC) and the app will connect friends, users, customers and companies on a global scale, never thought possible. The RUON App is designed to make YOU money, keep you in much better communication with all your new and old phone contacts, connect you with an Instagram-style user interface where you can get awarded not only likes and comments but RUON coins for every post and stream. Expertly designed to instantly gain you tens of thousands of like-minded followers and earn you real money - as well as electronic money - with 27 revenues streams. Earn and share RUON currency by posting and streaming content.

The future of social media is here. Welcome to the Revolution. Join RUON today.

Introducing RUON

The new, all-in-one social, chat and cryptocurrency business app that is built on SovereignSky technology, the first space based blockchain. Designed to make you money and followers.
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RUON is a game changer and will connect you to the world in a way you never thought possible.

RUON is a highly sophisticated, next generation social media, chat and blockchain application integrated with its own debit smart card and digital cryptocurrency wallets.The app has all the capabilities of 'Instagram','Snapchat' and 'Wechat' for easy adaptation of cryptocurrency, bitcoin and ethereum applications for the millennials and the mass market.

Expertly designed, making you money instantly, and rewards you for the number of shares, likes and posts that you contribute to the network.

Post. RUON is the only (AI) social media app that allows you to earn RUON which can be converted to real money for posting videos, pictures or comments on your profile and that of others.

Stream. Likes are so last year! RUON has now made it incredibly easy to set up and run your channel or live stream from anywhere...anytime, while you're getting paid from family, friends and followers attaching RUON coins to your every mySTORY video post.

Earn. RUON been expertly designed with 27 revenue streams to instantly start making you money as soon as you sign up by way of RUON which can be converted to FIAT currency in Dollars ($) Euros (E) or Sterling (£). You even get free RUONs for signing up to get you started.

Spend. BITSHARES & EOS integrated Digital Wallet for swapping all your RUON & electronic currency with an integrated RUON smart card that allows you to spend what you earn on a debit card.

Give. The world of social media isn’t all positive. It has also helped create self-obsessed and self-centered users. RUON promotes generosity and for its community to give back to one another and People in need. 5% of all monies earnt by users will be earmarked to be spent on the less fortunate or donated to charities.

RUON Smart Card.

A smarter card for a smarter generation.

We couldn't imagine the world's most revolutionary Artificial intelligence (AI) social media app without thinking about your every day needs.

Therefore, RUON comes with its own debit smart card, which allows you to spend the RUON you've earned or been sent within the app.

RUON Debit Card
Young people on phone

The world's first artificial intelligence (AI) social media app.

Never forget a birthday present again.

Insert the birthday dates and the addresses of your closest friends and family. AI will choose a selection of birthday presents based on their likes and send out to them in the post.

Need a little retail therapy!

RUON’s artificial intelligence can tell when you're feeling a little down today from your posts and sad emojis. It will scan thousands of products within the RUON dedicated stores and send you a DM with a gift idea to brighten up your day. Simply click “Accept” and the AI will get it sent straight to your home.

Ever seen the movie “Her”…?

Well, now the movie has become a reality. Need an AI companion to talk to? With RUON's AI chat room companions, you can now choose between an AI companion or a real person if you need someone to talk too on those lonely days at home, during work or abroad.

AI to find the 'I'.

Your very own AI can search user profiles and find you the perfect girl or guy, based on the keywords you give it. The future of match making is here. Join the dating revolution.

App Features.

User Interest Groups (UIG's) - A revolutionary way to meet new friends.

Using RUON's User Interest Groups (UIG's), you’ll instantly receive tens of thousands of followers with similar interests as your own. Our UIG's will change the way you meet new friends and followers and can instantly create a market place and customers for all your work projects.

Earn electronic currency every time you post on the RUON platform!

RUON has patent-pending technology allowing you to earn RUON every time you post. Exchange RUON for other cryptocurrency or FIAT currency inside RUON’s encrypted digital wallet.

Safe communications with military grade encryption & privacy built-in.

RUON is using military grade encryption powered by Stealthgrid technology with end-to-end privacy built-in to ensure maxim confidentiality, and to provide smooth and secure communication within your family or business circles.

Sell your everyday items in exchange for electronic currency.

RUON has an eBay and Craigslist-style product platform allowing you to buy and sell items in exchange for Bitcoin, RUON or other digital assets and currencies. This powerful shopping and buying platform will revolutionize online e-commerce as we know it.

Sending and receiving money at a fraction of the cost.

Use RUON to send and receive money instantly with a fraction of the fees of traditional methods. Your family, friends, and people in need, will receive it instantly and can access these funds immediately with their RUON smart card.

Invest in cryptocurrency with our powerful investment protocols.

RUON provides a number of ways that you can earn money by investing in cryptocurrency. From pool and cloud mining, to trading and investing in ICO's, RUON provides a number of powerful investment protocols.

"Together we can Provide and Protect Our Children. Save and Preserve Our Wildlife.
Eradicate Extreme Global Poverty by 2032."

Timothy E. Burke
RUON AI & SovereignSky Co-Founder